Please follow these simple steps to process your BRIDAL PARTY Order. INDIVIDUAL customers may proceed directly to our Online Store.

  1. Complete a Bridal Profile: The bride must complete a bridal profile before the bridesmaids will be able to place their orders. Brides may visit our showroom, submit their Bridal Profile online or complete a Bridal Profile Form to submit via fax or e-mail.  The following information will be required to complete the profile:
    • Contact information for each member of the bridal party including full name,
      email, and phone number.
    • The final dress style and color selections for each bridesmaid.
  2. Placing Your Order: Once you have completed your Bridal Profile, your bridesmaids may proceed to place their orders by completing and returning via fax or e-mail a Bridesmaid Order Form - Ceremony and a Terms & Conditions . In addition to reviewing our Sizing Chart, we strongly recommend that they consult with a Joanna August representative before placing their order.
  3. If the Bride is Handling Payment: In the event that the Bride will be handling full or partial payment for the bridal party, the bridesmaids will follow steps 1 and 2 of the Order Process, selecting "The Bride is Handling Payment" as their payment option.  Once the entire bridal party has placed their orders by submitting their completed forms, the bride will receive a Invoice from Joanna August which she can then use to complete and submit a Brides Payment Form via fax or e-mail to pay for and finalize the order.

    Dresses will not be put into production until all bridal party members have finalized their orders and full payment has been received. Please allow 12–14 weeks for delivery upon receipt of full payment from the entire bridal party. We recommend you order the dress at least 16 weeks before the wedding to allow time for additional alterations after you receive the dress. Please review our terms and conditions before placing your order.

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You may use the below PDF forms to place your order via fax or e-mail
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