The idea for the Joanna August dress line was born out of Joanna’s own August 2008 nuptials. Having put so much effort into infusing class, style and taste into every element of her wedding Joanna could not bring herself to send her best friends down the aisle in dresses whose beauty ran a distant second to that of the table settings (not to mention asking them to spend money on something they would never wear again). So, Joanna set out to defy the conventions of the typical bridesmaids dress and create designs for her friends that she herself would love to wear, not only as a member of a bridal party, but to any occasion. The dresses were amazing, the wedding was beautiful and the Joanna August line was born.


At Joanna August, our goal is to help you achieve that same perfection on your special day so that your taste and personality will be evident in every aspect of your wedding. We don’t prescribe to the passé notion that ugly bridesmaids elevate the bride- if your friends look and feel good, you will look and feel even better! We strive to create beautiful dresses (not “bridesmaid” dresses you can wear again but dresses you can also wear as a bridesmaid) in a variety of unique and flattering styles, available in an array of whimsical and elegant colors, that we promise, your bridesmaids will want to wear again and again after the wedding. Choose a silhouette and shade that reflect your own personal style and perfectly compliment your wedding aesthetic while telling the world “I have good taste and I care about my friends.” We promise, you won’t regret it!

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