What Makes a Unique Wedding Proposal?

Jul 14, 2014

Recently, a lot of attention has been given to unique and extravagant proposals. Proposing is a big deal; there’s no getting around that. It’s a step that launches and solidifies your future together as a couple. However, in an attempt to achieve a “one of a kind” moment, many people have come to the conclusion that a unique proposal means elaborate or expensive.

There’s something to be said for the proposals that require weeks of planning and 20 of your closest friends, but thinking those are the “best” or “most unique” proposals out there may be misguided. Knowing your partner’s preferences has everything to do with how you should propose. Read on for two caveats about the most unique proposal ideas.

Unique Doesn’t Mean Extreme

There’s nothing wrong with a thoughtful at-home proposal. Create a puzzle with the question built into it and help her solve it. Take her on a nighttime walk and propose under the stars. Make her favorite meal, and present the ring as you finish eating. The proposal is only one step in the wedding process — there’s no need to create additional stress trying to manage 50 volunteers to ask a question.

The important part is that you communicate your feelings and why you want to spend your life together. Thoughtfulness and intention can mean more than elaborate public efforts.

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Unique Doesn’t Mean Expensive

There are many creative proposals that don’t require a heavily padded bank account. Send your girlfriend on a hometown scavenger hunt. Start with a clue at home, and then send her on a tour of her favorite spots all over town. When she gets to the last hint, pop the question! Josh and Ramona’s scavenger hunt proposal on howheasked.com is a beautiful example of how to execute this!  Head to the art gallery she has been dying to visit and propose in front of her favorite exhibit. Take it one step further, and become a part of the art exhibit like Peter did when he proposed to Betsy as part of Jordan Matter’s, Dancers Among Us Exhibit. It may seem cliché, but for the woman who appreciates the classic romantic gesture, showing up with a dozen of her favorite flowers can be the perfect fit.

Weddings are an expensive venture. Between the venues, music, and flowers alone, you’ll be putting your budgeting skills to the test. Proposing is part of the process, but know that the more extravagant your proposal, the more shortcuts you may have to take with the actual wedding.

Ultimately, the most unique proposal is your own. It’s a testament to your history together and the things that make your relationship special. As much hype as choreographed Disney dance-off proposals get, they are only one of many types of love-filled gestures. Put some thought into it. If a flair-filled public declaration is your style, then go for it! However, if a more low-key affair is more your style, that’s perfect too.

How have you proposed or been proposed to? Share with us in the comments below!

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