Wednesday Pinsday: Inspiration Stripes

Aug 06, 2014
Pinterest Pins of the week Stripes

Some patterns are always in style and stripes are probably at the top of that list. Striped inspiration can be found all over the place if you just look for it. We are sharing a little bit of our striped inspiration this week: click on the pictures below to see it on Pinterest!

Kilim blankets are so versatile, not only do they look great on the floor but as wall hangings and over benches. 

Everything about this is what summer should be: beautiful beaches, stunning girls and most importantly; fabulous outfits.  Perfect striped maxi dress.

Some places just fill you full of awe, Antelope Canyon in Arizona is one of those places. The striped sandstone is a natural beauty and the entire area is full of picturesque scenery for some of the best hiking. 

It's still Summer but we can't help look towards Autumn and the cozy sweaters it brings with it. A striped sweater paired with classic accessories means you will always look chic. Plus who can resist a good chambray shirt?

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Joanna August Bridesmaids on Pinterest kilim rugs fro Sante Fe The Reformation striped dress on the Beach Antelope Valley Arizona Striped Street Style

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