Wednesday Pinsday - Bridal Party Looks

Aug 20, 2014

The dress is just the beginning of your bridal parties over all look. Once the perfect dress has been chosen, it is time to pick the accessories that will help complete the look you are trying to evoke. To help with that we have picked some of our must haves for the perfect bridal party!
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Smile!! This is perhaps the biggest must have for a bridal party! Weddings are big celebrations that bring us all a little closer so this should also be the simplest accessory for everyone to have.

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A simple piece of jewelry can provide the right touch when looking to keep it simple and chic. A personal favorite around the JA office is this Jennifer Meyer "Love" ring

If you are looking for a way to add more a more dramatic flair to finish off a look, this unique pearl and crystal ear cuff is perfect!  A fun and different way to wear the traditional pearl earring and a sure conversation piece.

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Cohesion is big for bridal parties, its so easy to want everyone to be comfortable and letting them pick their own accessories is a great way for each girls personality to shine through but without a little guidance you may end up with a group of ladies that all look like they are going to different weddings. 

Every bride gets her nails done, got to make sure that the manicure looks good in all the ring pictures after all but the bridesmaids should also be getting manicures. Hitting the spa is a great way to get in some girl time as a group before the wedding and then everyone will look polished on the big day.

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