Team JA: Meet Heather

Jul 18, 2014

Heather has been indispensable here at Joanna August as our Accounts Manager and as a recent bride; we are always asking her for what brides are looking for! We couldn’t keep all of Heather’s advice to ourselves so we decided to share details from her wedding and a little advice from her to you.

Heather wedding day ceremony

How long have you and your husband known each other?

13 years! We were on the same floor of the dorms freshman year of college. He would ask me out all of the time but I would reject him since he was a Football Player and a bit of a ladies man ;) I didn't actually give him a chance until 8 years later, his persistence paid off!

Best gift youve given him/he has gotten you.

He would say the best gift I gave him is our soon-to-be-born baby (due 7/31!), and I would say the best gift he has given me would be…. as cheesy as this sounds… his friendship. I know, I know, feel free to vomit If necessary!

Heather has the best proposal story:

He told me we were heading to a work event on the roof of a new building in downtown LA for a cocktail hour. When we got up there it was just the two of us on a helipad with a bottle of champagne, great views of the city and surrounding mountains, and he got down on one knee and popped the question. We then had dinner in a private room and the next day he surprised me by having all of our families & friends join us for brunch. We celebrated all day! 

Lake Tahoe Wedding Destination

They decided to get married in Lake Tahoe with a natural, rustic theme. Beautiful wood and white décor with hints of emerald green. The beauty of the lake enhanced the décor.

Rustic wood table top

She wanted her bridesmaids to compliment the Tahoe trees and lake scenery so she went with short cowl neck dresses in emerald. Heather’s favorite part of their ensembles was the jewelry she gave them as their gifts and the flowers!

Emerald green bridesmaid dresses Lake Tahoe wedding

Who designed your dress? 
 Waters (sorry I wasn¹t working with JA yet, oops!!)

bridal party kiss lake tahoe wedding

Unforgettable moment?
During our ceremony the priest asked couples married for over 20 years to stand up and give us advice on what has made their marriage work.It was very special and made it feel intimate and get our guests involved. 

father daughter dance lake tahoe wedding

Best song played at your wedding?

It would have to be either our song“It Had to be You”by Frank Sinatra or the last song of the night “Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

lake tahoe wedding flower girl

Anything you wish you could change? 
Yes, I wish I would have gotten to eat the cake! Since there is so much for the Bride & Groom to be doing during the reception, be sure to ask a friend to steal a piece and have it waiting in your room for you after the night is over.

wedding stational leave a note

Any advice for those going through the wedding planning process?

This is probably the opposite of the usual advice, but I would say be aware and considerate of your guests. Weddings can be so expensive - with all the showers, events, gifts and travel so I really tried to keep that in mind when it came to planning and made sure they felt appreciated for coming to celebrate this milestone and support us as a couple.

photobooth destination wedding lake tahoe

Congrats to Heather + Nick on the next phase of their lives together. We can't wait to meet baby Baker!

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