summer colors

May 11, 2013

When the weather gets warmer, the colors get brighter and every one is looking to have some fun in the sun. We are no exception, as much as we love our jewel and pretty blush tones we needed a pop of color to celebrate the warmer months!

The two newest colors joining the Joanna August color palette are Summertime and I Want Candy. 


I Want Candy



We are IN LOVE with these colors a wonderfully delish minty green and a fun, peppy coral.

In fashion these two colors are popping up everywhere, its easy to add them to your wedding as a fun ode to the trends happening right now.

I personally loved how Heidi Klum and Katy Perry wore various versions of mint green gowns on the red carpet. Mint is one of those colors that works well on almost all complexions. Mint also plays well with white and black.

Coral is a great addition as an accessory or to mix in with mint

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