By Hand: Floral Crowns

Aug 02, 2014
DIY Flower Crowns

Floral crowns have been making us swoon since our first Frida Kahlo lesson in 5th grade art class, and if that wasn’t enough, the 6th grade class on the 1960’s and Woodstock pretty much sealed the deal. So, with our favorite Bob Dylan blasting in the background and the spirit of summer all around us, we decided to create our own! Not only are these beauties the perfect accessory for a wedding, festival, or photoshoot, they happen to be incredibly enjoyable to make! And because we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun, here is a step by step for making your own. We used real flowers since the LA Flower Mart is so close to us but if you want your crown to last longer, silk flowers are a great option.

Flower Crown Supplies


Flowers: Choosing your own is half of the fun, but here is a list of our selection for inspiration:

  • Dahlia
  • Lisianthus
  • Statice
  • Amaranthus
  • Branches


  • Green floral tape
  • 18 gauge floral wire
  • Handheld Plant trimmers
  • Scissors (optional)

 1. Using the floral wire; measure the circumference of the head and leave it a little loose to give room for the extra bulk of the flowers. I like to mark the circumference with a bend in the wire on each side and leave 1-2 inches on both sides to wrap the two ends together. This creates a sturdy joint and the crown won’t come apart. 

Flower Crown wire

2. Map out your crown by laying out different flowers together to get an idea of what blooms look good together.  Consider how full you want your crown to be and how many (if any) larger, “statement” flowers you want to include. This will help you to get a idea if you want your crown to be consistent with a certain flower(s) all the way around, or if you prefer make more of a impact at the front of your crown (we used the latter strategy in our demonstration). Don’t forget to include the filler so the base of the crown is properly hidden!

3. Cut all of the blooms you are going to use before starting to avoid having to stop midway. If any of the flowers are heavy and “slouch”, try putting wire a few inches long through the stem of the flower to add extra support.

flower crown close up

4. Starting at the front of the crown add the first statement flower to the wire using floral tape and wrapping about 3-4 inches of the stem around the wire. (it may be hard to see the wire in these images but what we are doing is attaching the flower to the crown by securing the stem to the wire by wrapping with tape. When we are done, all you will see is the bloom- the stem will be covered)

5. Depending on how full you want your crown to be, continue adding statement flowers or start adding filler around the larger blooms. As you add each piece or grouping make sure to tightly secure it to the wire with floral tape. You will want to make sure that none of the wire is showing and the flowers and foliage are close together. This creates a full looking crown.

Flower Crowns DIY

6. Add filler and smaller blooms as you move down the sides and to the back of the crown. Use the stems of the filler to add strength to the back of the crown. Wrap all stems and wire with floral tap for a finished look.

7. Wear it and look fabulous!

Additional Tip: For a more rustic look, try weaving a base out of branches then weaving flowers through the branches. It is especially important to leave extra room for bulk when using branches. 

Flower Crowns DIY Final

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